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Trick Histories – The Subway

I was very happy to collaborate with Cory Gerard from Jump Rope Jam to create the first of what I hope is an ongoing video series. The idea is to focus on the history of different jump rope tricks. The first episode features a trick that I was a part of creating; the Subway. Cory […]

WJR2016 Interviews

The World Jump Rope 2016 Grand Championships are now available to watch on YouTube. Full video below. There are a few interviews I want to call your attention to. Please take the time to listen to them, no need to watch. Put on your headphones and listen to what is being said. I believe it […]

Poll: What are your favorite Jump Rope events?

I want to know which jump rope events are your absolute favorites. You can answer as an athlete, coach, judge, parent, or spectator. All view points are valid. Pick your top 3 favorite events. I’m of the personal opinion that we have too many events and our tournaments are too long. I think we could […]