The results for Double Dutch Contest Japan Vol. 7 have been announced. This year the DDCJ had 96 teams with a total of 507 jumpers competing. That’s a record turnout for the event.

This is a promo video for the event which has some very impressive jumping in it. Check out the guy jumping on his hands in an amazing display of strength and balance. He does at least 13 consecutive jumps on his hands before the video cuts to the next shot. Very impressive.

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JUMP! – Jump Rope Documentary Film Trailer

Finally!!! Today they posted a trailer for JUMP! on YouTube! (Yes, I did a little dance after I watched it. It’s THAT good.) For those that haven’t heard about it, JUMP! is a documentary that focuses on the sport we all know and love. Starting in 2005, director Helen Hood Scheer flew all over the U.S. to film some of the top jumpers in the country. The film follows kids from 5 different teams as they train for and compete at Nationals and Worlds.

The cast is an amazing collection of some of the top Jump Rope talent in the world:

Tori Boggs (River Valley Skippers)
Emily Bonnette (River Valley Skippers)
Marcus Taylor (Ropin’ Rockets)
Nick Woodard (RazzMaTazz)
Jeff Mauss (RazzMaTazz)
Lee Reisig (Summerwind Skippers)
Style Harper (West End YMCA Rope Twisters)
Jaz O’Neal (West End YMCA Rope Twisters)
Shaun Hamilton (Head Coach of Team USA)

I can’t wait to see this movie. The trailer ROCKS! Check it out:

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2008 US Trials Results

USA Jump Rope has posted the results for the 2008 US Trials. It looks like it was an incredibly tough competition. One stand out accomplishment from the tournament: Tori Boggs swept every event to win the Female Junior Masters division!

Congratulations to all of the jumpers that advanced to Worlds. Good luck in South Africa!

Here’s a treat for those that couldn’t be there: this is video of Nick Woodard’s Single Rope Freestyle at the event. Prepare to be amazed!

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