2016 Hot Dog Jump Rope Show

This is my new favorite video. This was taken at the 2016 Hot Dog USA Bi annual jump rope show. Amazing camera work and editing by Nakean Photography. They did an incredible job of capturing the beauty of our sport. I love watching jump rope in slow motion. It allows you to see everything that is going on that you might miss at full speed. Watch it in full screen if you can. The final slow mo shot of the grand central station in double dutch is simply mind blowing. Great job to everyone involved in making this video!

2016 BI YEARLY HOT DOG JUMP ROPE SHOW from Nakean Wickliff on Vimeo.

Double Dutch Delight East 2008

Nailed it.

Worlds Double Dutch Routine

The videos are starting to pour in from the World Championships in South Africa. The results from the tournament are available on the IRSF homepage. Here is a video sent to me by Zev Troxler from Worlds. This video is of Mathew, Garrot, and Collin from Hot Dog USA. This routine blew me away. It’s what I call a very “dense” routine. It has a ton of tricks and turner involvement all back to back. There are no wasted jumps in this routine. There were also several original tricks that were just fantastic to see. Great job guys!

Showta from Double Dutch Team Kurui

This is a video of Showta from the Japanese Double Dutch team Kurui. All I have to say is “Wow!”…