The Evolution of Jump Rope

Jump Rope has come a long way over the years. Stay with me and watch all of the videos below to see how things have evolved over the years.

Some early double dutch competitions in the 70’s and 80’s looked something like this:

By the time my generation came along in the 90’s we were experimenting with adding more power. Here is some jump rope history from the archives… this is the first time a trick called the “Subway” was ever performed in double dutch. I know, I was there. In the ropes. This is the absolute first time this trick was ever completed (we never made it all the way through in practice).

Fast forward to the mid 2000’s when the next generation took it to another level with the “Grand Central Station”.

Then you have the Hot Dogs perfecting it. Check out the slo-motion Grand Central Station at the 5:15 mark in the video.

2016 BI YEARLY HOT DOG JUMP ROPE SHOW from Nakean Wickliff on Vimeo.

I would say that Jump Rope has come a long way and definitely evolved for the better. That being said, I greatly respect all of those that came before us and helped push the sport in new and exciting directions. Without them, the sport wouldn’t be where it is today.

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2016 Hot Dog Jump Rope Show

This is my new favorite video. This was taken at the 2016 Hot Dog USA Bi annual jump rope show. Amazing camera work and editing by Nakean Photography. They did an incredible job of capturing the beauty of our sport. I love watching jump rope in slow motion. It allows you to see everything that is going on that you might miss at full speed. Watch it in full screen if you can. The final slow mo shot of the grand central station in double dutch is simply mind blowing. Great job to everyone involved in making this video!

2016 BI YEARLY HOT DOG JUMP ROPE SHOW from Nakean Wickliff on Vimeo.

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Jump Roping Crew Saltare at ABDC Season 5

Look out everyone! Jump Rope is in the spotlight on the national stage thanks to a group of USA Jump Rope All Stars. A crew called Saltare has made it on season 5 of America’s Best Dance Crew on MTV. If you follow jump rope, you already know their names… Chaz Robinson, Tyler Perez, Lee Reisig, Billy Jackson, Lisa Brown, & Brittany Fortier. What an amazing collection of talent!

I just watched the east regionals in which Saltare debuted on national TV. Saltare absolutely killed it! They nailed their routine without a flaw, got the entire audience on their feet, and left the judges in awe. The judges were unanimous in their praise of the crew’s talent. When it was time to select which crews would advance, Saltare was the first crew to be chosen to advance to the next round.

Here is an in interview with the crew backstage during the taping of the season 5 regional.

Good luck Saltare! The entire Jump Rope community is behind you. We hope you go all the way!

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