Trick Histories – The Subway

I was very happy to collaborate with Cory Gerard from Jump Rope Jam to create the first of what I hope is an ongoing video series. The idea is to focus on the history of different jump rope tricks. The first episode features a trick that I was a part of creating; the Subway.

Cory deserves most of the credit here. It was his concept, art, and editing that brought this to life. I simply provided the links to the videos and recorded the narration. I think it turned out great.

Let us know what YOU think.

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Jump Rope Jam

Today I had the pleasure of being interviewed for the Jump Rope Jam podcast. It will air in a couple of weeks, and I’ll be sure to share it here once it goes live. We discussed some of the history of our sport and I shared some of my favorite videos with them. It was so much fun that I’m sure we’ll do it again.

I had a great time talking with hosts Cory and Eilea. Once again I’m reminded why I love Jump Rope so much… it’s filled with great people that truly have a passion for the sport. Please go check them out and support what they are doing.

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