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How Fast Does a Speed Rope Go?

This video comes to us via submission from Dylan Plummer (@dylantheplummer). Dylan is a jumper on the Comet Skippers and is the creator of the Jump Rope Trictionary app available in the Google Play Store.

Ever wondered how fast your speed rope is going? Dylan shows us one method of calculating it.

Thanks for sharing Dylan!

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Jump Rope UK – Team Speed

This was sent to us by Sue Dale from the UK, coach of the GB team. This is the GB Senior Open team at the 2008 World Championships in South Africa. This video shows their Single Rope Speed performance followed by the Double Dutch Speed event. The team set a new world record for double dutch speed with a blistering 562. The team members are Beci Dale, Bobby Thomas, Rachael Dale, and Sophie Trevis Smith.

Great job guys!!!

You can check out their website at

Thanks for sharing Sue!

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Super Fast Japanese Girl Jumping Rope

This video has been making the rounds on the internet recently. It’s from some Japanese TV show. This girl is super fast with a jump rope. She jumps the rope 151 times in 30 seconds. That’s 5 jumps a second. She’s the fastest I’ve seen jumping on both feet. Tori Boggs is capable of 6 jumps a second doing a speed step (alternating feet). The world record for 30 second speed is actually 190 jumps (6.3 jumps/sec ) and is held by Ben Hoste from Belgium. To me anything around 5 jumps/sec and up is pretty dang fast.

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USA Jump Rope 2007 National Championship Is This Weekend

This year’s USA Jump Rope National Tournament will be held this coming weekend at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. June 22-23 will be the National Age Division Championships followed by the Grand Masters National Championship on June 24th. If you are attending, please be sure to take lots-o’-video and share it with the rest of us by submitting your videos to JRV.

Will Adam Pang repeat as Single Rope Freestyle Champion?

What sort of crazy and innovative Double Dutch tricks will the Summerwind Skippers have cooked up?

Will Justin Meier break any national speed records?

Can Tori Boggs break her own records in single rope speed? If she can maintain her top speed with no misses, we might even see some world records broken! If you’ve never had a chance to see her jump speed you’re missing out. Here is some video of her doing 30 second speed. The girl is crazy fast.

Good luck to everyone!

30 sec speed

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