2016 Hot Dog Jump Rope Show

This is my new favorite video. This was taken at the 2016 Hot Dog USA Bi annual jump rope show. Amazing camera work and editing by Nakean Photography. They did an incredible job of capturing the beauty of our sport. I love watching jump rope in slow motion. It allows you to see everything that is going on that you might miss at full speed. Watch it in full screen if you can. The final slow mo shot of the grand central station in double dutch is simply mind blowing. Great job to everyone involved in making this video!

2016 BI YEARLY HOT DOG JUMP ROPE SHOW from Nakean Wickliff on Vimeo.

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RSC Rivierenhof – World Champion Rope Skipping Team Show

This video was sent to us by Kristof Laenen from the World Champion RSC Rivierenhof team from Belgium. This is their award winning team show in the 2006 Toronto World Championships. RSC Rivierenhof has dominated the team show competition, winning the world championships in 2002, 2004, 2006, and 2008. The routine is nearly flawless and expertly choreographed. Their precision is excellent. It’s obvious that a lot of hard work went into perfecting this show.

Thanks for sharing Kristof! Excellent jumping!

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FR4 Team Show at US Nationals

Here is a video of the FR4 Team Show from the 2008 US Nationals. FR4 placed 1st in the Team Show event with this routine. That is an amazing accomplishment on it’s own. What makes it even more amazing is that this group was composed of members from 4 separate jump rope teams from 2 states. That means these kids pulled this together by traveling on their free weekends to different towns across state lines just to prepare for this one event. Way to go FR4!!!

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