Mike Fry Teaches the Toad

This is video of USA Jump Rope All Star team member Mike Fry demonstrating how to do a trick called the Toad. As you can see from this video, Mike is an excellent teacher. This August Mike will be returning to Tanzania and Kenya on a fellowship from Oberlin College. You can follow his work at jumpropeinafrica.blogspot.com.

Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to promoting the sport Mike! Keep up the great work!

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The Cross Bow

Sebastian Deeg is back with a new series of videos. This time he is providing us with a glimpse into the evolution of some the tricks that he has created. I really like the way he has broken down the tricks into some of their basic components. It’s funny that I just used the word “basic” because there is actually nothing basic about these tricks. These are very clearly Masters level tricks. Even seeing them broken down like this, they are going to take me a very long time to land. That’s the great thing about this sport… there’s always a new challenge waiting for you. I’ll post more of Sebastian’s trick evolution videos in the future to help round out the tricks category on JRV.

BTW, if you aren’t familiar with Sebastian’s previous work… do yourself a favor and check out his “Go Hard or Go Home” video. It’s still one of my favorites from the first two years of JRV and I’m sure it will be one of yours too. Sebastian is a great athlete and true innovator in the sport. It’s always fun to see what guys like him will come up with next.

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Rope Masters videoKast – Episode 025

Here is a new video from pro skipper Peter Nestler. This is episode 25 of the Rope Masters videoKast. In this episode Peter invites coach Tommy Hager to help demonstrate a couple of Chinese Wheel tricks. Tommy Hager is a long time jump rope coach, a great jumper, and one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. The first skill is the basic inside/outside turn. The second trick is the new and amazingly intricate “reverse marlee mashup”.

Peter also lets us know that his long awaited Double Dutch and Chinese Wheel instructional video is now available. It clocks in at an amazing 7.5 hours worth of instruction spanning 4 DVDs. It is sure to be jam-packed with lots of valuable insights for people of all skill levels. It also features instruction from world famous jumpers Nick Woodard, Kelsy Moe and Mike Fry. You can pick up your copy at jumprm.com

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Rope Show Episode 2 – Death Wish

Lee Reisig recently posted the second installment of “The Rope Show”. In this episode, Lee shares video of Nick Woodard landing a trick called the “Death Wish”. This is a new trick that Nick let us know about last year when we interviewed him about landing the Money Maker. Lee thought of the trick, and Nick has become the first to land it. It’s a Triple Under AS landing in a Frog. This is a very scary trick. If you snag your rope while your arms are behind your knees, you will be in serious trouble. Your face will be the closest thing to the ground and your arms will be stuck behind your knees and therefore unable to break your fall when you land. Landing on your face is *NOT* part of the trick.

Thanks to Lee for sharing another cool moment in Jump Rope history!

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