Trick Histories – The Subway

I was very happy to collaborate with Cory Gerard from Jump Rope Jam to create the first of what I hope is an ongoing video series. The idea is to focus on the history of different jump rope tricks. The first episode features a trick that I was a part of creating; the Subway.

Cory deserves most of the credit here. It was his concept, art, and editing that brought this to life. I simply provided the links to the videos and recorded the narration. I think it turned out great.

Let us know what YOU think.

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WJR2016 Interviews

The World Jump Rope 2016 Grand Championships are now available to watch on YouTube. Full video below.

There are a few interviews I want to call your attention to. Please take the time to listen to them, no need to watch. Put on your headphones and listen to what is being said. I believe it is important and powerful stuff. Good luck trying not to cry during Coach Fredrick’s interview. You can skip ahead to the time noted or click the links:

Shaun Hamilton, General Chairman of World Jump Rope Federation – Starts @ 4:14:10

Chris Holmes, Founder of, Coach of Rope Warriors – Starts @ 4:51:30

Ray Fredrick, Bouncing Bulldogs Founder and Coach – Starts @ 5:45:30

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Poll: What are your favorite Jump Rope events?

I want to know which jump rope events are your absolute favorites. You can answer as an athlete, coach, judge, parent, or spectator. All view points are valid. Pick your top 3 favorite events.

I’m of the personal opinion that we have too many events and our tournaments are too long. I think we could “trim the fat” a little in order to make an overall better product. I would like to see more streamlined tournaments that focus on just the events we care about most. To that end, I’d like to get other people’s opinions on which events are most important to them. This is by no means official or scientific. I just want to start the conversation. If you think I’m missing an event that should be on this list, feel free to Contact me and let me know.

What are your favorite Jump Rope events? (Pick 3)

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