4 Man Single Rope Freestyle – 1999 World Champions

Here’s another jump rope video from the FISAC 1999 World Championships in St. Louis. This is from the 4 person single rope freestyle. I think this was probably the hardest event to prepare for because it was an event we weren’t accustomed to. This event doesn’t exist in USA Jump Rope competitions.

Since we didn’t have long to prepare before the tournament, we had to keep it really simple. Our motto became “K.I.S.S.” – Keep It Simple Stupid. We basically used a slightly modified version of my single rope single freestyle routine, since it was probably the easiest routine we had between the four of us. Besides, I had been doing essentially the same routine for years and the other guys had seen it enough times that they already knew it. I laughed because they quoted the tricks to me before we even started practicing it. “Double Under AS, double under cross, double under EB, double under, triple side swing cross, double under EB, double under, triple side swing cross, double under, triple side swing left, triple side swing right, TJ, Johmmy.” That’s how good my teammateswere. We just had to modify the routine to add some more movement and partner interaction.

Here is the end result:

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