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Poll: What are your favorite Jump Rope events?

I want to know which jump rope events are your absolute favorites. You can answer as an athlete, coach, judge, parent, or spectator. All view points are valid. Pick your top 3 favorite events. I’m of the personal opinion that we have too many events and our tournaments are too long. I think we could […]

The Jump Rope Videos Mission

Our mission is to grow the sport of Jump Rope. My name is Chris Holmes. I’m a former competitive jumper and currently a jump rope coach. I’ve been involved in the sport of Jump Rope since 1985. I started as a skinny little uncoordinated kid in elementary school with almost no athletic ability. I was […]

How Fast Does a Speed Rope Go?

This video comes to us via submission from Dylan Plummer (@dylantheplummer). Dylan is a jumper on the Comet Skippers and is the creator of the Jump Rope Trictionary app available in the Google Play Store. Ever wondered how fast your speed rope is going? Dylan shows us one method of calculating it. Thanks for sharing […]