Tim Martin Jumps Rope with OK GO

This is really cool. USAJR All Star Tim Martin of the Bouncing Bulldogs Jump Rope Team recently performed on-stage with OK Go at SxSW in Austin. Tim was there to promote the new jump rope documentary “Doubletime” that was playing at the SxSW film festival. Unfortunately, Tim doesn’t have the room on stage to really cut loose and show what he is capable of, although he does an excellent job of adapting to the situation.

Here is what Tim can do of if you give him just a little more space to work with:

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Jaw Dropping Double Dutch Trick In Slow Motion

I’ve been around the sport of Jump Rope for a very long time. I’ve seen A LOT of tricks and I’ve even invented a few. But no matter how long I’ve been jumping, people are always showing me something I’ve never seen before.

One of the coolest things about being invited to judge the all star tryouts this year was the chance to watch the candidates perform at the staff show following the workshop. I saw a lot of new things in that show. I know there were several times when I actually felt my jaw drop. One of those times was when they busted out this trick in Double Dutch.

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Single Rope Pairs Freestyle – Shaun Hamilton and Willie Amos

Here is some more video from the 1999 World Championships in St. Louis. As I said before, I was very fortunate to have some truly amazing teammates. Here is the single rope freestyle routine from Shaun Hamilton and Willie Amos. Both are very gifted athletes. Shaun is now the head coach of the USA Jump Rope All Star Team and Willie played football for Nebraska and is now a professional football player for the Chicago Bears organization in NFL Europe.

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