DDF on Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde

Here is DDF performing on the very popular French tv show “Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde”. They look great as always. Thanks to our good friend Maarten Goodme from Belgium for sharing this very cool video with us. In two weeks Maarten and the gang will be hosting their 2nd annual Double Dutch Contest in Belgium. For more info check out ddcb.be.

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The results for Double Dutch Contest Japan Vol. 7 have been announced. This year the DDCJ had 96 teams with a total of 507 jumpers competing. That’s a record turnout for the event.

This is a promo video for the event which has some very impressive jumping in it. Check out the guy jumping on his hands in an amazing display of strength and balance. He does at least 13 consecutive jumps on his hands before the video cuts to the next shot. Very impressive.

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Silver Jelly

This video focuses only on Double Dutch and is from a Hong Kong Rope Skipping team called Silver Jelly. I dig the music and the way they introduce the team members. There is one trick in here that really stood out for me; the leap frog over the turner AND a jumper. Pretty cool stuff.

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