Double Dutch Delight 2007 – PRISM

This video was recommended by USA Jump Rope All Star Mike Fry. Mike says:

I just came across this video, and thought they did some pretty cool things (one of the turners does a triple jump through like it’s nothing).

When somebody of Mike Fry’s caliber recommends a video… I listen.

Check it out:

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Another Amazing Japanese Double Dutch Routine

This is Japanese Double Dutch team Noroshi’s performance at Tokyo University in Japan. This is what is known as a Fusion routine. Once again, this is an expertly crafted routine. Everything is in constant motion and everyone gets involved. These routines are just plain fun to watch. Sometimes it takes watching routines like this several times to catch all of the intricacies. I challenge you to just focus on just one jumper and follow only that jumper for the entire routine. It’s extremely difficult to do. Make sure you don’t just focus on the jumpers, watch the turners too. There is some great turner involvement going on in this routine. In particular pay attention to what the turners do on the final speed step. That’s some pretty cool stuff.

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Now This is How To Jump Double Dutch

This is a Japanese Double Dutch team performing at Tokyo University in 2006. It is an amazing performance. Their routine is very tight. All of their movements are perfectly synchronized to the music. They move very fluidly and jump with attitude and confidence. This is how you do Double Dutch.

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