Rope Show Episode 3 – The Jumphabet

This is the third installment of “The Rope Show” by Lee Reisig. In this episode Lee shares with us a project that he has been working on for the past 4 years. It is called the Jumphabet and it is a brilliant way to describe jump rope tricks concisely and accurately. It helps remove ambiguity when describing a trick. I’m still trying to digest it all at this point, but I can already see the power in what Lee is proposing here. He describes it as a “periodic table of jump rope skills”. As an engineer myself, I definitely appreciate his very academic approach to breaking down every skill into it’s fundamental building blocks. I now fully understand why Lee has been called the “Mad Scientist of Jump Rope”.

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Rope Masters videoKast – Episode 025

Here is a new video from pro skipper Peter Nestler. This is episode 25 of the Rope Masters videoKast. In this episode Peter invites coach Tommy Hager to help demonstrate a couple of Chinese Wheel tricks. Tommy Hager is a long time jump rope coach, a great jumper, and one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. The first skill is the basic inside/outside turn. The second trick is the new and amazingly intricate “reverse marlee mashup”.

Peter also lets us know that his long awaited Double Dutch and Chinese Wheel instructional video is now available. It clocks in at an amazing 7.5 hours worth of instruction spanning 4 DVDs. It is sure to be jam-packed with lots of valuable insights for people of all skill levels. It also features instruction from world famous jumpers Nick Woodard, Kelsy Moe and Mike Fry. You can pick up your copy at

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Jump Rope Training – Learn How To Jump Like a Boxer

Here on JRV we tend to focus a lot more on the sport of Jump Rope rather than jumping rope as a training tool for other sports. However, there are probably many more people that jump rope strictly for exercise than there are people who compete in jump rope tournaments. Jump Rope is an excellent training tool for all other sports. Boxers in particular love to use jump rope as part of their training. It’s quite simply the best exercise there is. It’s great for improving foot work and for conditioning arms and legs. Not to mention that it burns calories crazy fast.

This is a great video of a workout by Boxing expert Ross Enamait from In the article that accompanies this video, Ross gives some nice tips on rope selection. He suggests using wrist weights instead of weighted ropes. He also breaks down some of the tricks he does in the video. The aesthetics of these tricks aren’t important. This isn’t a jump rope tournament or a performance. The goal is to get an intense workout, not to make it look pretty. I don’t think I’ve seen a jump rope workout more intense than this.

This is guaranteed to melt some fat in a hurry:

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