JRV Move Update

As you know, JRV is in the process of moving from blogspot to jumpropevideos.com. So far so good. After several hours of hard work, I think I have successfully migrated all of the old content to the new server. Unfortunately, I have lost all of my tags in the process so those will need to be rebuilt by hand over the next few days. If you notice any broken links or any issues with the content, please let me know.

If you have any links to the old jumpropevideos.blogspot.com site, please update them to point to jumpropevideos.com.

You can expect this site to change a lot over the next couple of weeks as I tweak the layout and features on the site. If you have any suggestions for the site, hop on over to the forums and let me hear them.

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JRV Is On The Move

JRV will be moving here shortly. We will continue to share the best jump rope videos from around the world. Once the move is complete we will also be able to do some new things like keep in touch and share ideas via the brand new JRV Jump Rope Forums.
If you are just joining us and don’t know what this is all about, you can still check out all of the fun we’ve been having over at the old place. In the meantime, here is a taste of what you can expect to see here in the future. This is a preview of the 2007-2009 USA Jump Rope All Star Team. Enjoy!

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Introducing Jumprope Videos

Once upon a time, I was a world class jumper in the sport of Jump Rope. I traveled all over the world to perform and compete. I won several national championship titles and one world championship title. I even started my own team in college with the help of some good friends. Then I graduated college and got a desk job. Let’s just say I’ve let my skills atrophy a little since then.

Now I’m looking to get back into Jump Rope. I miss it. It was a ton of fun and kept me in great shape. I need to drop some weight and get back in good shape, and jumping rope is the best way I know to do that. I’ll let you know how that goes.

My goal with this site is to let everyone know how cool this sport is, and how good it can be for your health and physical fitness. If you have never seen it before, prepare to be amazed. I’ll try to collect as many videos as I can from around the web to show you how amazing Jump Rope is.

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