Behind The Scenes of Rise Up by Yves Larock

Here’s a video for the making of the Rise Up music video by Yves Larock. It’s a great video with an uplifting message that just so happens to feature jump rope very prominently. I also really like the song.

Happy Jumping!

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Crazy Rope Skipping Team From Japan

Here is another “Crazy Rope Skipping Team” from Japan! This is a cool video. The use of punk rock for the soundtrack is a nice change of pace for a sport that is largely dominated by hip-hop and dance music. It gives the video more of an X-Games feel. I’ve always thought that due to the extreme nature of some of the more advanced tricks that Jump Rope could easily fit in alongside the Skateboard and BMX competitions of the X-Games. Some of our biggest and baddest tricks are every bit as insane and dangerous as some of the stunts done by those guys. Unfortunately, Jump Rope has spent a long time overcoming the image that it is just a game that girls play at recess. It is finally breaking out of those outdated stereotypes and people are beginning to take notice of just how cool and diverse this sport really is.

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DDCB – Welcome To The Jungle

Here is a great video of the action from the DDCB. This is some of the best double dutch we’ve seen yet! The folks from Planet Jump Rope did a great job putting this together. I can’t wait to get my hands on the DVD!

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