Jump Kids Jump Movement

Jump Rope is the perfect sport to help combat childhood obesity. It is cheap, portable, and easy to do. Kids of all ages can pick up a rope and get started with the basics in minutes. Jumping rope is a lot of fun and most importantly it is a great exercise. For those reasons, more and more people are using the sport as a tool to help fight childhood obesity. Here is a great example. The Jump Kids Jump Movement™ is a statewide effort in Indiana led by Clarian Health, to encourage kids of all ages and abilities to get more active by jumping rope. The launch event took place in Indianapolis on May 2nd 2008. The Indy Air Bears even performed at the event.

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Kangaroo Kids Jump for Trophies

Here’s a news story by Voice of America on the Kangaroo Kids. The story includes interviews with coach Jim McCleary and USA Jump Rope All Star Scott Simpson. Good luck in South Africa guys!!

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Double Dutch Holiday Classic on CBS Evening News

CBS Evening News visited Harlem to report on the Double Dutch Holiday Classic. It’s great that Jump Rope is getting some exposure at the national level, but unfortunately their coverage is a little misleading.

CBS reports that the event “amounts to Rope Skipping’s World Championships.” Real jumpers know that Worlds will be held in Cape Town, South Africa in July 2008. The US trials for selecting Team USA will be held in Mason, Ohio in late January. The Double Dutch Holiday Classic is certainly a high profile event, but it is definitely not the world championships of rope skipping.

CBS also reports that Japanese teams “took first, second, and third.” That’s accurate, but only for one event. The Advanced Fusion event is what they are referring to. And yes, Japanese teams took the top three spots with the Bouncing Bulldogs coming in fourth. However that doesn’t give a complete picture of the results. The Bulldogs actually dominated the competition. They won 8 out of 10 events and actually won the Novice Fusion event. Very impressive.

That being said, it’s great to see the popularity of our sport continue to grow. Here’s the report from CBS:

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