Martial Skippers – Rope Skipping Street Performance

Here’s a great street performance by the Martial Skippers from Hong Kong. They incorporate many different styles of jump rope in this video including Double Dutch, Single Rope, Chinese Wheel, and Traveling.

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Tim Martin Jumps Rope with OK GO

This is really cool. USAJR All Star Tim Martin of the Bouncing Bulldogs Jump Rope Team recently performed on-stage with OK Go at SxSW in Austin. Tim was there to promote the new jump rope documentary “Doubletime” that was playing at the SxSW film festival. Unfortunately, Tim doesn’t have the room on stage to really cut loose and show what he is capable of, although he does an excellent job of adapting to the situation.

Here is what Tim can do of if you give him just a little more space to work with:

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Double Dutch at Futbol de Calle

Here are some cool Double Dutch tricks performed by the Dynamic Diplomats of Double Dutch. They were part of the entertainment at Red Bull’s Futbol de Calle, which was a freestyle soccer event.

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