Martial Skippers

Here is the latest video by the Martial Skippers from Hong Kong. I love watching these guys jump!

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More Double Dutch Insanity

Here is another series of insane double dutch tricks for you to watch. I really like the way the video is edited to show us the same tricks several times in a row from different angles. Not to mention the tricks are spectacular. These guys do a basket toss over the turner and actually land it in the ropes like you’re supposed to. Very nicely done. I also really love the toe-pitch over the subway. That’s got to be a really scary (and dangerous) trick. Finally, they do an amazing variation on the subway. I know from experience how tough a standard subway can be to complete. They take a much harder version and make it look pretty easy. The jumpers do an excellent job, but if you want to know the real secret to landing the trick… watch the turners. They are excellent. You can’t do much in Double Dutch without good turners.

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Ropeworks at Seattle Folklife 2007

This is a video of the Ropeworks performance troupe at the Seattle Folklife festival 2007. It is a very professional jump rope demonstration. You can definitely see Rene Bibaud’s influence on their jumping style. It feels like this is straight out of one of her Cirque Du Soleil performances which is quite an accomplishment. It’s always great to see a show that successfully blends multiple styles. In this video we get to see single rope, double dutch, traveler, and chinese wheel.

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