Single Rope Freestyle – Tori Boggs

Tori Boggs is one of jump rope’s youngest and brightest stars. Tori is a member of the USA Jump Rope All Star team. She currently holds the U.S. national records for 1-minute single rope speed and 3-minute single rope speed. Her 1-minute speed record is an amazing 359. That’s nearly 6 jumps a second for an entire minute. I think my fastest speed score ever was 284. A mere 4.7 jumps a second. The girl is fast.

Not only is she good at speed, she’s also got a great single rope freestyle routine. See for yourself…

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Dr. Jump – Ken Solis

Ken Solis (aka “Dr. Jump“) has been involved with jump rope since the late 70’s. I had the opportunity to work with Ken on the board of directors for USAJRF in the late 90’s. As an engineer myself, I really appreciate Ken’s academic approach to the science and history of jump rope.

Ken has a distinct performance style that is unique in the world of Jump rope, which is demonstrated in this video. I think he deserves a lot of credit as an early innovator in the area of rope manipulation.

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