SADA – Japanese Jump Rope Performer

This video was submitted by Japanese Jump Rope Performer Sadatoshi Watanabe. His nickname is SADA. SADA is clearly a very talented jumper and performer. Much of his single rope style reminds me of watching Dr. Ken Solis with his focus on rope manipulation type skills.

Nice work and thanks for sharing SADA!

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The Cross Bow

Sebastian Deeg is back with a new series of videos. This time he is providing us with a glimpse into the evolution of some the tricks that he has created. I really like the way he has broken down the tricks into some of their basic components. It’s funny that I just used the word “basic” because there is actually nothing basic about these tricks. These are very clearly Masters level tricks. Even seeing them broken down like this, they are going to take me a very long time to land. That’s the great thing about this sport… there’s always a new challenge waiting for you. I’ll post more of Sebastian’s trick evolution videos in the future to help round out the tricks category on JRV.

BTW, if you aren’t familiar with Sebastian’s previous work… do yourself a favor and check out his “Go Hard or Go Home” video. It’s still one of my favorites from the first two years of JRV and I’m sure it will be one of yours too. Sebastian is a great athlete and true innovator in the sport. It’s always fun to see what guys like him will come up with next.

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Robbie Csontos – Freestyle Master

Here is another video from the 2008 World Championships. This is Robbie Csontos from the Heartbeats doing his freestyle for the Masters competition. Robbie placed 2nd in Freestyle and ranked 7th overall. This is nothing short of an amazing routine. This is a ridiculously difficult routine that is perfectly executed. The whole routine just looks smooth and flows from one trick to the next. Robbie seems to have a knack for making the insanely difficult look surprisingly easy. Those of us that struggle through these tricks are very jealous…

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