Sextuple Under Jump Rope Trick in Slow Motion

This is awesome… here is another video of a sextuple under, only this one is in super slow motion. This was filmed with a very high speed camera and slowed down so much that a jump that takes less than 1 second in real time takes nearly 55 seconds in slow motion. This is a great way to study the form of one of the few people who can actually do a sextuple under. Notice how high he jumps and how low he gets to the ground when he lands. I thought it was interesting to see how his feet start out close together for the first four revolutions of the rope. After that his feet begin to separate as he prepares to land and brings his knees closer to his chest. When he lands his knees are basically touching his shoulders. I wish we could film all jump rope tricks in super slow motion like this. It could be a great teaching tool.

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Multiple Unders – Sextuple Video

A multiple under is when a jump rope revolves around your body more than once in a single jump. A double under is two revolutions of the rope in one jump. A triple under is three. A quadruple, four. Quintuple is five. And the mother of all multiple unders is the sextuple under. A sextuple, as you might have guessed, passes around your body six times before you land. I don’t know of anyone that has cracked the septuple under without assistance from a trampoline. A double under is considered a very basic trick. Triples are intermediate skill level. Quads are advanced. Quintuples and higher are considered masters level tricks. There are very few people in the world that can do a Sextuple under.

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Awesome Single Rope Tricks From Sebastian Deeg

Today I stumbled across this awesome jump rope video from German jumper Sebastian Deeg. Sebastian is an amazing single rope freestyle jumper. Some of these tricks are pretty sick. I really like some of the rope releases he does in combination with other tricks. There are several tricks in this video that I had never seen before, and you know me… I always like to see something new. The rope release, grab foot, jump over leg then catch rope was a nice surprise. I don’t know what it’s called, but it looks sweet. This video is packed with lots of other nice little surprises like that. You have to watch it a few times to catch them all. Keep up the good work Sebastian!

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