JUMP! – Jump Rope Documentary Film Trailer

Finally!!! Today they posted a trailer for JUMP! on YouTube! (Yes, I did a little dance after I watched it. It’s THAT good.) For those that haven’t heard about it, JUMP! is a documentary that focuses on the sport we all know and love. Starting in 2005, director Helen Hood Scheer flew all over the U.S. to film some of the top jumpers in the country. The film follows kids from 5 different teams as they train for and compete at Nationals and Worlds.

The cast is an amazing collection of some of the top Jump Rope talent in the world:

Tori Boggs (River Valley Skippers)
Emily Bonnette (River Valley Skippers)
Marcus Taylor (Ropin’ Rockets)
Nick Woodard (RazzMaTazz)
Jeff Mauss (RazzMaTazz)
Lee Reisig (Summerwind Skippers)
Style Harper (West End YMCA Rope Twisters)
Jaz O’Neal (West End YMCA Rope Twisters)
Shaun Hamilton (Head Coach of Team USA)

I can’t wait to see this movie. The trailer ROCKS! Check it out:

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Female Pairs Single Rope Freestyle

Here is a solid routine from the 2007 US National Jump Rope Championship. This is Kelly Fuller and Jamie Delozier from Jumping For Joy. This routine earned them 1st place in the 15-17 age division championship and 3rd in the Grand National championship. Notice how closely they are synchronized when they jump. That takes A LOT of practice. Nice work ladies!

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2007 USA Jump Rope National Championship Results

The 2007 USA Jump Rope National Championship results have been posted to the USA Jump Rope website.

If I read the results correctly, it looks like Tori Boggs went home with a lot of new hardware to put on display. She won the Female Triple Unders, Female Single Rope Speed, Female Three Minute Speed, and Female Single Rope Freestyle events. That basically amounts to a sweep of the individual single rope events which is absolutely amazing! She is clearly one of the top athletes our sport has ever seen.

Here is some video from a team that made it “on Stage” at Nationals. This is an all male team from Hot Dog USA performing their Double Dutch Pairs Freestyle on stage during the Grand National Championship. This is a great routine with some very innovative tricks. The Double Leap Frog that they start the routine with is a really cool trick. This routine was good enough to earn them 2nd place, which is an amazing accomplishment in today’s hyper-competitive field.

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