WJR2016 Interviews

The World Jump Rope 2016 Grand Championships are now available to watch on YouTube. Full video below.

There are a few interviews I want to call your attention to. Please take the time to listen to them, no need to watch. Put on your headphones and listen to what is being said. I believe it is important and powerful stuff. Good luck trying not to cry during Coach Fredrick’s interview. You can skip ahead to the time noted or click the links:

Shaun Hamilton, General Chairman of World Jump Rope Federation – Starts @ 4:14:10

Chris Holmes, Founder of JumpRopeVideos.com, Coach of Rope Warriors – Starts @ 4:51:30

Ray Fredrick, Bouncing Bulldogs Founder and Coach – Starts @ 5:45:30

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RSC Rivierenhof – World Champion Rope Skipping Team Show

This video was sent to us by Kristof Laenen from the World Champion RSC Rivierenhof team from Belgium. This is their award winning team show in the 2006 Toronto World Championships. RSC Rivierenhof has dominated the team show competition, winning the world championships in 2002, 2004, 2006, and 2008. The routine is nearly flawless and expertly choreographed. Their precision is excellent. It’s obvious that a lot of hard work went into perfecting this show.

Thanks for sharing Kristof! Excellent jumping!

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Jump Rope UK – Team Speed

This was sent to us by Sue Dale from the UK, coach of the GB team. This is the GB Senior Open team at the 2008 World Championships in South Africa. This video shows their Single Rope Speed performance followed by the Double Dutch Speed event. The team set a new world record for double dutch speed with a blistering 562. The team members are Beci Dale, Bobby Thomas, Rachael Dale, and Sophie Trevis Smith.

Great job guys!!!

You can check out their website at www.jumpruk.com.

Thanks for sharing Sue!

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