JRV Celebrates It’s First Birthday

Jump Rope Videos officially turned 1 this week. What an amazing time it has been. In our first year of operation we’ve shared over 150 videos from around the world. We’ve had over 46,000 visitors and 98,000 page views and are growing every day. THANK YOU for making JRV such a huge success! Special thanks to all of the jumpers, coaches, and parents that have made such great videos to share with the world. Keep it up and together we will show the world how great this sport is. Our common goal is to see that Jump Rope becomes an Olympic sport. Here are the steps you can take to help us realize our Olympic dreams by getting the word out about Jump Rope:

  1. Support the local jump rope organizations in your country. Become a member today!
  2. Show people what jump rope is all about. Share JRV with all of your fellow jumpers, coaches, friends, family, and co-workers. Email them a link to your favorite video today!
  3. Keep making cool videos and submitting them to JRV.
  4. Add a link to Jump Rope Videos on your website.
  5. Become more involved in the JRV community. Rate the videos and leave comments telling us what you like or don’t like about the videos or the site. It will help us make this a better resource for everyone interested in Jump Rope.

It’s been an amazing first year and we are looking forward to sharing many more with you.

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