Jump Rope Show: “Come Together”

Here is a great performance sent to us by the amazing Sebastian Deeg. The jumpers are Mathias De Jans (Belgium), Jonas Vermeulen (Belgium) and Sebastian (Germany).

Sebastian writes:

The first time we did that Show was last year in December for a Tour in 9 different Cities in Germany and 1 in France! But we (Rope Skipping) been just a small part of a huge Show, with gymnasts, acrobatics and magicians. The video is from a Show 3 weeks ago (17th of may 2008) in Ludwigshafen (http://www.oneworld-twl.de). It was a big Show with lots of different variations of gymnasts, acrobatics and of course us Jump Rope.

The show is choreographed very well and they pull it off with no mistakes! Great job guys! Thanks for sharing Sebastian!

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