Multiple Unders – Sextuple Video

A multiple under is when a jump rope revolves around your body more than once in a single jump. A double under is two revolutions of the rope in one jump. A triple under is three. A quadruple, four. Quintuple is five. And the mother of all multiple unders is the sextuple under. A sextuple, as you might have guessed, passes around your body six times before you land. I don’t know of anyone that has cracked the septuple under without assistance from a trampoline. A double under is considered a very basic trick. Triples are intermediate skill level. Quads are advanced. Quintuples and higher are considered masters level tricks. There are very few people in the world that can do a Sextuple under.

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  1. […] is awesome… here is another video of a sextuple under, only this one is in super slow motion. This was filmed with a very high speed camera and slowed […]

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