Rope Skipping Team from Malaysia

Here’s some great double dutch from a Malaysian rope skipping team. These guys look smooth.

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  1. Carolyn
    Carolyn says:

    I think it is great to see so many males jumping, and that they are incorporating breaking into it. I have to admit though, the more I see it the less impressvie that are. Maybe it is the WOW factor that is now gone because we are seeing this style so much. Maybe I need to see it in person. I think the routines that are full of all skipping elements are much more interesting to watch. Routines that are created for competition and are filled with turner/jumper involvement and skilled that are in combinations. Could you show more of those sometimes? I love your website and I check it all the time. You are doing a great job of showcasing many kinds of jump rope. THank you!

  2. Chris Holmes
    Chris Holmes says:

    Thanks for the feedback Carolyn! I would love to show more competition routines, but I’m somewhat limited to the videos that people submit or that I can find on the internet. It just happens that there are more videos of this style of jumping on the internet than there are of competition videos. If you know of a good video that should be featured here, please submit it. I’m sure everyone would love to see it. You can find details on submitting videos here:
    Submit A Jump Rope Video
    . By all means keep letting me know what you like and don’t like about JRV. Thanks for visiting the site and happy jumping!

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