Super Skippers Win Gold in Toronto

Here is a reader submitted video from the Cary YMCA Super Skippers. Special thanks to Maureen Tarquini for sending this in.

Maureen writes:

“The Junior Female (12-14) team from the Super Skippers (Amanda, Lauren, Anna, Amy and Melissa) took the overall gold last summer in Toronto in the Maple Leaf International Rope Skipping competition. They started off with a couple of disappointing performances and were in 5th place (out of the eight teams) after the morning speed events. But they managed to pull off a silver or gold in all four of the freestyle events and catapulted themselves to the Gold! Almost as exciting as getting to meet Corbin Bleu 😉 Team USA swept the age category with two Bulldogs teams capturing the Silver and Bronze, narrowly defeating Team Belgium.”

Way to go Super Skippers!

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