The Texas A&M Jump Rope Team

I jumped for 10 years with the Footnotes Jump Rope Team in San Antonio before going to college at Texas A&M. At Texas A&M I met another guy that used to jump and we decided to form our own college team. In the fall of 1996 we started the Texas A&M Jump Rope Team and recruited some of our friends and taught them to jump. Some of our jumpers had never picked up a rope before joining our team. I’m very proud of what those guys learned to do in just a couple of years.

I believe our team was the first college jump rope team. Certainly there were jumpers before me that continued to jump in their college years, but usually with the same teams they jumped with before college. I think ours was the first actual college team. We practiced hard, did a few shows around town, and even managed to make it to nationals a few times.

As I said before, I used to be able to jump. Well, here’s the proof that I could actually get off the ground once upon a time. This is the double dutch routine that we spent the majority of our time working on.

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